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Life    +    Light    =  HAPPY ENERGY

Music makes it happen

SOUNDAHOLIC , a self produce unit  making  Electronic Pop Music, and does live performances.



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SOUNDAHOLIC is a unit formed by UME & KYOKA.

Since 2001.


  • Original songs click here → SOUNDAHOLIC OFFICIAL SITE
  • TV CM works click here → Sound Sample
  • 2001-2010 Jiyugaoka Goddess Festival (Tokyo) SUNFESTA total produce click here → SUNFESTA
  • 2004 Singapore tour
    Workshop about "How to make Electric Music " at  National University of SIngapore (NUS) 
  • 2001-2010 Live shows at Live houses, clubs, events located mostly in Tokyo
  • 2010 Move to Hayama (Shonan Beach area) for more "Life + Light" and started making original tracks
    All music and songs are written , recorded, arranged, programed, mixed and performed by SOUNDAHOLIC
    All songs made and recorded at SOUNDAHOLIC's private studio "STUDIO ODYSSEY HAYAMA"
  • 2012 Self produce album "POP" release
  • 2016 Self produce album "HAPPY ENERGY" release & on sale
    Track engineering by Masahito Tobisawa
  • 2016 June Starts Live sets at Hive by Wala Singapore & Zushi Surfers
  • 2017 Live at  Kitakamakura Fes (2017 May)
  • 2017  EMERGENZA JAPAN2017 Final 3rd place ( 2017/July 8th)
  • 2018 Start recording New album
  • 2019 MC TAKA presents LIVE EDM vol 7 ~ start live stages